Terms & Conditions

MATGR would like to highlight the terms, conditions, and liabilities regarding website usage so that users may be fully aware of their legal rights and responsibilities. The following terms should be read and followed carefully to avoid legal repercussions. The use of this website indicates approval of the following terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy

We take privacy matters seriously and will do our utmost to protect your personal data from malicious use.

Our Privacy Policy is as follows:

      • We may gather and store general information on our users such as length of time spent on the website, pages read, and the websites visited prior.
      • We may also register the name of your internet service provider, browser, and operating system.
      • Collected information may be shared with third parties at our discretion. Such information will only be used to evaluate how frequently our website is visited and to develop new ideas to improve our service.
      • The website may also include links to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks (Social Media).
      • You may be given the chance to connect to any Social Media network via the website, in order to share your experience with on programs or promotional items on the website.
      • We would like to highlight that depending on your privacy settings, others may be able to browse, or use the personal data that you have published or transmitted.

Personal Data

There are also several places on our website where personal information such as your name, address, and e-mail are requested. If you choose to share your personal data, we reserve the right to save it and use it to conduct market research and other marketing activities. MATGR may cancel your registration or delete you from its e-mail list in case of any legal transgression or website misusage.

MATGR assures users that shared information will be carefully dealt with. Electronic and administrative actions are in place to protect the obtained information. However, we cannot hold ourselves responsible for illegally accessed information from our website obtained by hackers. We will do our best to protect your information, as your privacy is a matter of mutual concern to us. The usage of our website indicates acceptance of the above.

Access to certain pages, features, or characteristics of the website requires a “user name” in order to complete registration. By creating a user name you hereby accept to provide complete and accurate personal data in accordance with the registration form on the website. You also agree to update your personal data so that it remains accurate, correct, and complete.

We will only use information deemed necessary for our database, or data necessary to provide (and improve) the services provided on our website such as user name, address, and e-mail. Indirect information provided by browsing history, i.e. “Cookies”, state information about the way in which you are connected to our website.

Third parties may have access to your personal data like for example, internet service providers and companies that help administer our website (or websites). Such parties may reside in countries other than the country in which you reside while you logged on to our website. Your data may be provided to such parties so as to maintain our website (or websites) and to provide technical assistance in this regard provided that such parties provide the same security and protection for your personal data.

If necessary, we may provide your personal data to governmental authorities in accordance with the law. We may also use some of your information in order to reply to claims, lawsuits, or reserve the rights of MATGR, its clients, or the public interest.

As this website allows some “interaction” (i.e. downloading files, logging into blogs, providing information and connectivity, transmission, exchange, and transfer) the user agrees not to use such interactive tools in any of the following:

      • Breaching any law, performing any inducement or persuading others to violate our terms.
      • Defamation, libel, misuse, harassment, inconvenience, pursuit, threat, or the violation of any legal rights of others (such as legal rights or open rights).
      • The promotion or distribution of any pornography, cliché, inappropriate materials, illegal material, and breaching the rights of others.
      • False accusations concerning personal I.Ds
      • The collection and storage of the personal information of others.
      • The transmission of random messages via e-mail (i.e. spam) to anyone.
      • The download or attachment of files containing viruses, or improper files, or similar harmful programs that may destroy another computer’s entire operating system.
      • The misuse of the original software or other materials included in downloaded files.
      • To transmit any questionnaires, contests, or chain letters through MATGR’s website.
      • To advertise and promote any goods or services through MATGR’s website.
      • To download or distribute any files published by others.