e-car Sanitizing

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Sanitizing e-car
Drive Motor AC Motor 48V/5.5HP ( 4KW )
Batteries Six, 8-Volt, Trojan USA-made, 145 Ah
Controller Toyota Controller 48M350A-350A
Charger Delta-Q built in Charger Canadian Brand
Tires Professional Carlisle USA
Max. Speed 40 – 45km/h
Max. Range 80 – 90 km
Charging Time 6 – 7 hours
Seating Capacity 2 Seats
Curb Weight 500kg
Dimensions 2680*1200*1820mm
Equipment – Machine of steam to clean surface portable electric

– Knapsack power sprayer

– Giant high pressure power sprayer pump with 2 port with 2 sprayer gun

– Full suit to applicator

– 1 tank with 20 liters of liquid of sprayer with indicator level of liquid

– 2 air reel


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